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55 Victoria St N
St Paul, MN, 55104


A community of people seeking to love God and each other in the manner of Jesus--regardless of race, gender, creed, past, present, politics or anything else.



We are committed to faithfully and thoughtfully engaging scripture and the world.  We teach the Bible with intellectual integrity and attentiveness to our community and culture.

Incarnate // Advent 2


Instagram is the new Facebook, Tinder is the new EHarmony, late is the new on-time, and John the Baptist is the new Elijah.  But notice the way John pivots our expectation.  Instead of a showdown of power like Elijah, John comes in humility and simplicity.  All this behavior emulates, precedes, and points, exactly as we should point, to the one who is coming after him.  Jesus.

Incarnate // Advent 1


The mission of God on earth is to get specific, particular, and deep.  God has called us to exactly that, but he hasn't left us unprepared.  Advent prepares of for the breaking in of God's plan.  Where we are going, we are going to need Holy Spirit, the giftedness of our whole congregation, and the expectation that our goal is to be, like Jesus, incarnate in this world. 

The Earth Is Yours // Evangelism


Creation is one of the best ways to share the good news about God and his Kingdom.  Caring for creation is an important part of our witness to the world concerning what we believe about how God. Christians who deny climate change have damaged the credibility of the Gospel.  If we really hope to share Jesus we have to care about the world He has given us. 

The Earth Is Yours // Hope


The Bible holds a unique view of and promise for the future. Christian hope about God's plan for the world is the ultimate driving force behind our actions as it concerns the environment.  Not only do we have access to this hope now, but living into it should be considered our vocation.   

The Earth Is Yours // The Poor


Climate change has had and will continue to have a disproportionate effect on the poor.   The Biblical call to care for the poor is overwhelming and undeniable.  Those of us who follow Jesus should ready ourselves to care for the Earth as a necessary part of our response to caring for the world's vulnerable.

Acts 6 // Praxis/Pyros - The Face of an Angel


In Acts 6 Stephen is seized by a group of zealous Jews who banded together from all over the Roman empire to stop his message.   The drag him in front of the men that had ultimately killed Jesus and generate false testimony accusing him of religious crimes. Through all this Stephen is said to have "a face like that of an Angel."