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55 Victoria St N
St Paul, MN, 55104


A community of people seeking to love God and each other in the manner of Jesus--regardless of race, gender, creed, past, present, politics or anything else.


We are committed to faithfully and thoughtfully engaging scripture and the world.  We teach the Bible with intellectual integrity and attentiveness to our community and culture.

Acts 6 // Praxis/Pyros - The Face of an Angel


In Acts 6 Stephen is seized by a group of zealous Jews who banded together from all over the Roman empire to stop his message.   The drag him in front of the men that had ultimately killed Jesus and generate false testimony accusing him of religious crimes. Through all this Stephen is said to have "a face like that of an Angel."

Acts 1: 12-26 // Praxis/Pyros - Pray and Lead


Acts 1: 12-26 Pray and Lead   

In the second half of Acts 1 we see the Resurrection community gathered in a persistent and united prayer, and seeking to restore leadership in the movement so that the mission can go forward with integrity and continuity. What do we pray for? How do we lead?

The Feels - Psalm 139


This week we wrap up "The Feels" series on Psalms.  Psalm 139 is about a God who knows us and who is at once big enough to hold the world together and intimate enough to meet us where we are.

The Feels - Rage/Curse/Enemy


The Psalmist asks God to let the evil make their own bed and lay in it. But he wants more, for satan to come alongside his enemy, for his enemies children to be forgotten and left without help or kindness. Has the Psalmist gone too far?