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55 Victoria St N
St Paul, MN, 55104


A community of people seeking to love God and each other in the manner of Jesus--regardless of race, gender, creed, past, present, politics or anything else.

New Visitors

If you're new to The Gallery, we want you to know a few things: You are a masterpiece. You are the very handiwork of God. Your value is not because of what you have or have not done. We value you because you are.  You are a masterpiece, made in the image of God. 

what to expect


Most services at the Gallery include the following elements:

  • worship music
  • community prayer
  • communion
  • a message
  • offering
  • announcements

Typically, a service runs from 9:30AM to 10:55AM - sometimes less, sometimes more. 


There's no dress code. Wear whatever you have.  Come as you are.


Children's ministry + care is available from ages 6 wks through elementary age.

beliefs + denomination

About God

We believe God is:

  • Real
  • Loving, Present & Involved
  • Embodied in Jesus Christ

About Jesus

We believe Jesus was not only a good teacher but he also rose from the dead. We believe he was/is God in the flesh, Savior of the world, defeater of Satan, sin, and death.

The Evangelical Covenant Church

In addition, we’re part of a larger body of Jesus-followers called the Evangelical Covenant Church. We stand in agreement with them on some very important affirmations.